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Explanation of Lock Bumping


The only reason behind this thing is that there is no authority to make duplicate keys or copied keys. Hence, even if you receive blank keys, you cannot make them copied because the keys are written with ‘Do not Copy’ over it. Thus, no matter which key or lock you are taking to safeguard the house or office, you need to take into consideration that there are locks that have keys with ‘Do not copy’ written over it. Hence, you do not have to worry about any of the keys being duplicated.

Even though the locks purchased are costly and of superior quality , until countermeasures are taken by the company that designs them  then these lock are also having the same risk.

Along with the systems of lock that stop lock bumping there are also various manufactures that offer in line systems along with magnetic pins in order to prevent lock bumping process, sidebars which are aligned to particular depth to allow movement of pin also there are different tests performed on liquid gel to damp down the kinetic energy of some other attempting to bump a lock.

Many house locks are prone to lock bumping. Lock bumping is illegal in United States and the bump key is used as a tool for burglary. This is not a new technique as the Manchester locksmiths have been using them  since long period of time.

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