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How to Improve Door Security

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, more than 565 per cent of the total burglaries happen by breaking in from the front door. The home owners and the burglars can even agree on this point that some low level security to the front door allows the thieves to get into the house without any extra efforts. Hence, getting a home security that can provide good level of security can be the best option.

Checking on the exterior doors is the first thing to inspect at your house. The doors of the house must always be solid and made up of wood or metal. If anything of the door is found slated, you must immediately change or replace it. Deadbolt lock is the best remedy for any type of doors. Rest of the doors can be easily broken down even with a screw driver and release the system. The throw bots of the deadbolts must at least be an inch longer than the current door. There should not be any wobbling or shaking of the door or the hinges. Even the locks must be strong and sturdy enough to take anything that comes.

There are two plates in metal that cover the throw bolt from both the sides. One is placed at one side of the door and the other is placed on the door jamb. The strike plates are attached with screws; hence, they must also be inspected with the door and the door jamb. The screws must be longer in height and must be approximately three inches. The strikes may get worn out as if open the door multiple times. Hence, they should not be bent or worn.

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