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Replace or Rekey your Locks

In spite of the fact that they sound comparable, rekeying and bolt substitution are separate procedures that ought to be embraced at various circumstances. I'll first clarify how the procedures are distinctive, and afterward I'll give a few cases of circumstances when every one would be fundamental.


Rekeying involves reconfiguring the inside structure of the bolt – the tumbler. Locks work through an arrangement of interior moving pins and openings – just a specific and particular association of the inner structure will permit the structure to decompress and open. Rekeying is managed without substitution of the current bolt – it renders old keys pointless, and you will be given another key to use with your entryway. The "wafers" of the bolt tumbler will be submitted in another request particular to another key – while keeping up the look of your entryway. This is a strongly less expensive process than aggregate re-keying.

Bolt substitution

Bolt substitution involves totally expelling the current bolt structure and introducing another one. This is best taken care of by an expert, as it's best done correctly – and there's an immense assortment of bolt sorts to look over – including electronic alternatives.

You ought to rekey your locks when moving into another home or office, if your keys are lost or stolen, or if your keys aren't working legitimately. It's a typical, reasonable process that boundlessly increases the security of your home so you can have genuine feelings of serenity.

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